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Dear Violet Enthusiast:

 As its name indicates, this is the AVS Members Only section of our website.  And we are very eager for you to enter it.

 This online effort and other complementary communications are supported, fully and exclusively by members of The American Violet Society.  Membership funds allow the AVS to finance its presence on the Web, develop an archival facility, and receive the latest information from renown violet experts.

 Conversely, many of our members in the U.S., Canada and other areas in the world do not have access to the Web.  In fairness to them and countless other individuals who, selflessly, give our organization their valuable time and efforts, a good portion of the unique information made available by the AVS, including access to forthcoming Violet Gazette issues and other special information, requires us to place it in the AVS Members Only section.

In view of the above, we invite you to join The American Violet Society.

What are the benefits of a membership in The American Violet Society?

                 The Violet Gazette, the premier quarterly newsletter featuring the latest information to be found anywhere in the world on the subject of violets

                 Direct participation and discounts on AVS sponsored events and activities

                  Registration of your violet and viola garden in the AVSí National Violet Collection

                 Discounts on violet plants ordered from AVS appointed suppliers

                 An opportunity to be a key player in promoting the cultivation and improvement of violets and violas; to actively foster the knowledge and conservation of native violet species; and to assure the genus Violaís deserved role in the horticultural and ecological landscape Annual membership in The American Violet Society is US$15.00 regardless of country of origin.  

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