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Dear Violet Enthusiast:

   The volunteer officers and staff of The American Violet Society, has concluded that we can no longer support scheduled services, such as The Violet Gazette and The Republic Of Violet on a regular basis.  This is due to a combination of factors, including changing personal responsibilities and the expansion of extensive AVS Project efforts such as new Identification Keys, the soon to be released International Viola Cultivar Registry, our Spring 2003 Field Outing and The AVS Species Repatriation Project.  As a result of this, we have decided to modify our membership requirements and benefits as follows:


All web publications will now be available to the general public without membership restrictions.


We are establishing an AVS Sponsoring Membership and eliminating the standard membership along with it's dues requirement.

   All individuals that are or have been dues paying members of The AVS will be converted to Sponsoring Members.  This includes those who have not maintained current dues.


Sponsoring Members have the option of being listed on our sponsor's page.


The "Sponsoring Members Area" of the site will offer various exclusive benefits such as free downloads of printable AVS publications (including Field-Keys and Calendars) and free AVS software (such as screen-savers and computer based keys).  These will be made available to our Sponsoring Members as soon as they have been completed (AVS Screen Saver is currently available).


Those individuals wishing to become Sponsoring Members may either contribute a minimum of $15.00 to defray publishing costs, or contribute either 5 photos that are used in an AVS print or web publication, or an AVS website or Violet Gazette article, or some other service of value to the society's operation.

   We have been running on a modest budget, compared to the quality and volume of material and services that we continue to make available to the public.  Our increased commitment to our ongoing projects represents an improved focus of our resources on the goals of this society.  We hope that you will either continue, or join with us, in our efforts to provide the premiere source of  violet, viola and pansy information on the web.  We hope that you will also contribute to, or take part in our other conservation, educational, research and publishing efforts, such as our 2003 Eastern US Field Outing, "Violet Wanderers" On The Dunbar Mountain.

If you wish to make a monetary donation, please contact

To donate articles or other publishable content concerned with the genus Viola contact

To donate photographs contact  

To assist with expanded identification key development contact  

  Thank you for your continued contributions and support.

Sweet Violets To All

   Annebelle Rice, President, The American Violet Society
 Norma Beredjiklian, V.President East Coast USA, Website Coordinator
 Gary W. Sherwin, V. President Web Publishing, Webmaster

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