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     It is simple to search The AVS site to see if we have information on your topic of interest.  Just type in one or more words in the space above, then click "Search" or hit your "Enter" key.  If you use the default "Match ALL words" setting, only pages that contain all the words in the box will be returned.  If you instead use the "Match ANY word" setting.  All the pages that contain any of the entered words will be returned.

     You can also use a + sign directly in front of additional words (something +violet) in either mode to force the search to return only pages containing all the + prefixed words.

     You can use a - sign to exclude pages that have the word following the - sign (something -princess).   Only pages that do not have the word with the - sign will be returned.

     Be certain that the + or - sign is tight against the following word as in +violet, NOT + violet.

     Sorry, but the search tool does not support using quotes to define phrases.  The best you can do is use the + prefix to force the page to at least have all the prefixed words as "Prince of Wales" would be: +Prince +of +Wales.

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