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You Can Help Make The AVS Even Better

Politicians of both persuasions like to refer to "volunteerism" as the backbone of America! If that is true for our country, it is certainly true for The American Violet Society, better known as AVS.

Day after day, our AVS mission poses new challenges:

"To promote the cultivation and appreciation of violets, and to restore their rightful place in the environmental and horticultural landscapes."

             A few weeks ago, one of our new AVS members made the point of reminding us that our $15.00 annual dues are indeed a modest sum to celebrate the beauty and the benefits of the violet. We agree wholeheartedly.  For your information, the funds received from our membership fees, cover only our basic expenses (printing, postage, some promotional materials, website fees, etc.). The actual job of  running of the website (technical expertise, research, copywriting, copyediting, articles, phone calls, hours on the job, etc.) is provided in its entirety, by a team of dedicated volunteers.  Many of our volunteers are also AVS officers and members of the Board. In most cases, these volunteers are professionals in their fields, and were the AVS forced to outsource these services, the bill would come to hundreds of  thousands of dollars! 

             If it were not for these generous volunteer efforts, The AVS, of course, would cease to exist. We are very fortunate indeed in that we were able to obtain such generous commitments and attract to our cause the best of the best!  This extensive volunteer effort  provides the manpower for all our other AVS activities (meetings, print version, membership relations, development, ...) as well.

             As we are all aware, since the early part of the year 2000, the AVS has accomplished great progress; it has become a well-respected, dynamic online and offline community. And, as we predicted, the web site has turned out to be the right tool to reach an even wider audience including violet enthusiasts beyond our shores!

             We know that we can do even more, but we need your help!  We need more willing and able volunteers!  We have a number of jobs available.  Some of them may be of interest to you!  Some "jobs" may require very little of your time; others, a longer commitment. In both cases, the rewards are many.

             Here's a list of some of the "open" positions.  Just click on the the job titles for an idea of the kind of person we are looking for to fill each position. Do not think for a minute that you don't have enough knowledge about violets to be a volunteer!  Obviously, some among our group are "violet experts", but truly, most of us are only violet enthusiasts, learning as we go along.  So, do yourself a favor and take a look at the various positions.  You do not need to be an expert to fill most of them.  Just be willing to learn and contribute.

             The list is impressive, right? Did you find one that "sort of" interests you?  If so, Drop Us A Line.  We will be glad to clarify and modify any of the positions to suit your needs.

             We crave your input even if the feedback is negative. In fact, criticisms help us run a tighter operation. Do let us know how best to "read" your needs and what you'd like to see in your website.

             Shrinking violets we are not, but let us assure you that BIG EGOS do not live here!  We know that we cannot do it all alone.  We need your help.

             Your friends,

                The volunteer team at The AVS

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