The American Violet Society
The AVS Bids A Fond Farewell and
Recognizes One of Our
Founding Members
Norma Beredjiklian
 AVS Founder Emeritus
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             The AVS wishes to extend a huge THANK YOU to "Norma B", for the many years of service and devotion she has given to the violet community.  In recognition of her efforts, we have recognized her as

AVS Founder Emeritus.

             Her love of all things violet has been a driving passion in her life.  We have all benefited from her desire to share that passion.  Norma was the driving force behind the creation of The American Violet Society.  Indeed, the AVS would not exist at all if it were not for her tireless efforts.  In addition, her editorial contributions, the many articles she has written over the years are not only enjoyable to read; they are also an invaluable resource that illuminates the story of violets in America and around the world.  Her contributions to both the Violet Gazette and to this website, are too numerous to list.  Everything on this website, with the exception of our forum postings has seen the benefit of her skills as an organizer, researcher, author, artist, collector, designer, translator and editor.  If you take a brief tour of this site, you will see for yourself just how passionate Norma is about violets.

             Norma served as: President of The International Violet Association (1998).  With The AVS, she served as; Vice President - East Coast USA ( 2001 - 2004), Website Content Coordinator, Editor of the Violet Gazette, Public Relations Coordinator, Co-Publishing Coordinator, Senior Editor and was a generous Financial Patron.

             Her departure leaves a big hole in the violet world and we all wish Norma health and happiness and continued success, as she pursues her many and varied interests.  She has promised to stay in touch.  We hope that she will also still occasionally drop a pearl of violet lore with a contributed article or other communication.  Thank you Norma for a wonderful introduction to the violet adventure.

Sweet Violets To You

Gary W. Sherwin

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