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Volume 2, Number 2
Spring 2001
On line Version


Image of Spring Blooming Violet

Spring Blooming Violet

Spring rains warm the earth, awakening the
sleeping wildflowers, including Violets!


"Spring Blooming Violet" image courtesy of
Mr. Gary W. Sherwin, AVS-Webmaster and
President, Sherwin Family Enterprises
Yukon, Pennsylvania © 2001


"Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' " Robin Williams

Dear Friends,

     Yes, Robin, we agree, and come spring, the more the reason to party and nurture our romance with violets with many a cheer and congratulations to:

     The American Violet Society, for its recent and much deserved appointment as International Cultivar Registration Authority for the Genus Viola (ICRA), extended by The International Society of Horticultural Science (see press release);

     The friends and viola experts who have recently joined the AVS as Members of the Board. Their interest and commitment to the AVS work is more than encouraging, so please join me in welcoming: Pierre Barandou (France), Yvonne Matthews (UK), John Snocken - The National Pansy and Viola Society (UK) and Peter Robinson (UK). In the U.S., Janet Walker, Director of Agriculture at The American Horticultural Society, and Diana Pederson, Garden Writer, Landscaper Designer and owner of Enabling Gardens; 

     Gary Sherwin (AVS Vice President and Webmaster) for conceiving and planning the very successful spring 2001 field outing "Searching for Violet Treasures" in Southwest Pennsylvania; and for compiling the AVS exclusive: A Simplified Dichotomous Key to the Viola of Pennsylvania (from a key by Harvey Ballard, Jr.), now accessible on line at the AVS homepage.

     Kim Blaxland and Harvey Ballard, Jr., AVS Members of the Board, for participating in the Pennsylvania violet field trip, and generously sharing their viola expertise with all of us in a true spirit of conviviality.

      A violet party would not be complete without the contributions of those who have made this festive spring 2001 issue of The Violet Gazette so special. As we get ready to savor their unique homage to violets, we take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them.

     Elizabeth Scott (AVS Vice President and Resident Taxonomist) for putting on record in Violet Journeys: "Searching for Violet Treasure" in the Dunbar Hills, the summary-report (with annotated comments) of all the violets sighted during the April outing. 

     John Snocken (AVS Associate Member of the Board of Directors) for introducing the lovely and fragrant 'Rebecca" and its horticultural history in The Violetta.

     Masashi Igari, AVS Correspondent in Japan for his Viola Mandshurica: Japan's Favorite Violet, for throwing light on this violet's origins and popularity with the Japanese people. 

     Geraldine Adamich Laufer, AVS member, author and horticulturist from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for her erudite Shakespeare's Violets, reviewing the role of violets in the Bard's literary garden. 

     Mary Ann Perry, flower-symbol expert, AVS friend and Editor of for joining us on this special occasion to review Geri Adamich Laufer's much-praised work, Tussie-Mussies in Book Review

     Sharon Lovejoy, America's best known illustrator and gardening author, for graciously sharing with us A Memory Quilt of Violets, her collection of personal violet remembrances. Sharon's lovely illustration, It isn't raining raindrops - It's raining violets is an exclusive for The Violet Gazette

     Without much ado, let's join our spring party and celebrate our violets! 

     And, Happy Gardening! 


Norma Beredjiklian,  Editor



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