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Parma Violets

Cannell's Blue and White - Clarence Castle

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Cannell’s Blue and White – H. Cannell and Son, Swanley (Kent) UK.  (1900)

A sport from ‘Marie Louise’, to which it is similar except that the flowers are pure white, mottled and marbled with mauve-blue.

Carter’s Mazerine Blue – Carter, England.  (1890)

No description available.

Colcronan Hybrid – Origins unknown.  (1901)

Lavender blue flowers.

It has been regarded as one of the largest Parma violets.

Comte de Brazza – See ‘Conte di Brazza’.

Conte di Brazza – Conte Savorgnan di Brazza, Udine, Italy.  (1880)

The only true white parma violet of outstanding beauty that deserves to be in every violet collection.  Pure white, neat flowers.  Lovely perfume. 

This cultivar was at one time also known as ‘Swanley White’ and has something of an interesting history. Raised by Conte de Brazza around 1878, its first mention in the UK was in the pages of the Gardener’s Chronicle.  It is said that Henry Cannell purchased some of the plants from Italy just after the article appeared and then would seem to have renamed the plant.

R.H.S. First Class Certificate.  1883.

Coolcronin – See ‘Colcronan Hybrid’.

Countess of Caledon – Origins unknown.

No description available.

Clarence Castle – Origins unknown.  (1897)

Mauvish-pink flowers.

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