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Abonnen Neveu - Austrailian Red

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Abonnen Neveu - France, 1890

Seedling from 'Luxonne'.

Large flowered blue.

Ada Segre – Nathalie Casbas, Villaudric, France. (2000)

Named after an Italian landscaper and garden restorer, who gave an inspired talk at the International Violet Association (Europe) meeting in Venice.

Very large blue flowers. 

Admiral de Breton - Origins unknown.

No description available. 

Adriana – England (1894)

No description available.

Alassio - See 'Mrs R. Barton'.

Alba Simplex  - Origins unknown.

Reputedly, a seedling from ‘Double White

Pure white.

Albo Marginata - Origins unknown.  1871.

Dark blue flowers over silver edged leaves.

Alice – Australia, date unknown.

-Medium sized lilac flowers with grey shading.

 Intense perfume.

American Red Beauty - Originating in U.S.A.

-Luminous red flowers with velvety petals.

 An unusual violet.

Amethyst Phyll Dove – Australia.  Date unknown.

No description available.

Amethyst Queen – Australia. Date unknown.

No description available.

Amiral Avellan -  Leonard Lille, Lyon, France.    Introduced 1893. 

This cultivar was named after the Russian minister of marine, during the period of the Franco-Prussian war.

Reddish purple flowers with blue metallic sheen, the petals are round cup-shaped , and they are borne on stout erect stems, above large dark green foliage.

 Sweetly scented. 

R.H.S. Award of Merit.

Annie – Clive Groves, C. W. Groves and Son, Bridport (Dorset) UK.  (2001)

A chance seedling found on Clive Groves’s nursery similar to ‘Perle Rose’ but with a slightly purplish hue, more floriferous and vigorous with a much longer flowering season.

Small to medium-sized carmine flowers, which are darker in colour at the upper centre of the middle lower petal. 


Apricot Violet - See 'Sulphurea'.

Argentaeflora -  See 'Argentiflora'

Argentiflora - George Lee, Clevedon (Avon) UK. Introduced in 1879.

-Silvery mauve flowers tinged with pink that turn almost white during the winter. 

Reputed to bloom over a long season. The flowers are small but this cultivar is a strong grower.

Delicious perfume.

Armandine Millet - Armand Millet, Bourg la Reine, France. (1880)

 Named after Millet's only daughter.

Dark blue flowers above leaves which have a lovely border of ivory white.

Ascania – See ‘Askania’.

Askania - Germany, 1908.

At one time this was the favoured flower of the Cornish violet growers but it appears to have been displaced by ‘Princesse de Galles’, and later ‘Governor Herrick

-A giant flowered cultivar with deep violet blue flowers; the top petals being rather pointed.  The flowers are borne on long stems.

Society for the development of Horticulture in the Kingdom of Prussia, Certificate of Merit.

Aubereinne - See 'Souvenir de Jules Josse'.

Augusta –  See ‘Kaiserin Augusta’.

Augusta Viktoria – See ‘Kaiserin Augusta’.

Aurantiaca - See 'Sulphurea'.

Australian Red - Origins unknown.

No description available.

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