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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Heirloom Single Flowered Violets

Dalmere Pink - Dorset White

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Delamere Pink – Australia, date unknown.

No description available.

Deutsche Kronprinzessin – See, ‘Kronprinzessin von Deutschland’.

Deutsche Perle –  Wrede (Luneburg) Germany. 1913.

 The name means  “German Pearl ”.

No description available except "propagated by seed" (Wrede advertisement) - It seems likely that this is 'Koenigin Charlotte'.  In 1913 German chauvinism and nationalism was at its peak, so the name of an English queen may have been felt inappropiate for this important variety.

Devonia  - J. Heath, Kingskerswell (Devon) UK. 1905.

Vigorous, large reddish-mauve flowers.

Sweetly scented.

Devoniensis - Origins unknown, c. 1860.

Deep blue flowers above foliage and very hardy.

Similar to 'Wilson'

Sweetly perfumed.

Devon Red – Bernwode Plants (Buckinghamshire) UK.

Reputed to be a form of V. odorata  with deep-red, scented flowers.

Devon Violet – The name Devon violets was used to encompass all violets grown in Devon for sale as cut flowers; it is not a specific cultivar. 

Diana Groves - C.W. Groves and Son, Bridport (Dorset) UK.  1998.

Chance seedling. Parentage unknown.

Large claret red flowers and scented.

Named after Clive Groves’ wife Diana.

Doe's Improved - Origins unknown; c 1930.

No description available.

Doctor Jameson - See 'Kaiserin Augusta'.

Donau – Germany; c 1920s.

A sport of ‘La France’ and ‘Improved Queen Charlotte’.

Large dark blue flowers which are somewhat larger than 'Princesse de Galles', with a slight splash of white on the lower petals and distinct bee lines. 

Doris Bazeley - H. Bazeley, Eastleigh (Hampshire) UK. 1897.

No description available.  

Doris Simm – Australia, date unknown.

No description available.

Dorsett - P.H. Dorsett, Garrett Park (Maryland)  U.S.A.  1910.

Purchased originally as ‘Prindesse de Galles  which it resembles slightly.

A prolific, vigorous plant, with leaves in a rich dark green.  Medium sized flowers of a rich violet colour. Unscented.

Dorset White - Origins unknown; 1917.

No description available.

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