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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Heirloom Single Flowered Violets

Ideal - Ivory White

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Ideal - Unknown origins. 1910.

Blue flowers.

Immaculata Australia. Date unknown.

No description available.

Imperial White - Unknown origins. 1875.

No description available.

Imperatrice Augusta See Kaiserin Augusta.

Inepuisable - See 'L'Inepuisable.

L'Inepuisable Unknown origins.

No description available.

The name means inexhaustible.

Irene - Barfuss: 'Prinzessin Irene' double, very large dark blue flowers, sweetly scented, on long strong stems.

Irish Elegance Of unknown origins.

Supposedly a form of 'Sulphurea', with blooms that are a deeper shade of creamy buff, though this is not always the case. The flowers of this cultivar are extremely variable with a number of colouring variations being reported. It would seem that the change in colour can be attributed to the soil it is grown in; nevertheless, an extremely interesting violet.

Ishtar - J. Bousefield, Launceston (Cornwall) UK.

Lavender blue flowers of a very bright colour on long stalks.

Italia - Italy. 1896.

A seedling from 'Princess Beatrice'.

Deep blue flowers.

Ivory White - See 'Lee's Ivory'.

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