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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Heirloom Single Flowered Violets

Kaiser Friedrich - Kronprinzessin von Deutscland

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Kaiser Friedrich – See ‘Victoria Regina’.

Kaiserin von Osterreich – Germany.

Crimson red flowers.

The name means Ιmpress of Austria.

Kaiser Wilhelm II – Bred by Marquardt, Zossen, Germany; 1895.

Giant flowered deep bluish-purple, up to 1.75 inches across, very strong scent. 

R.H.S. Award of Merit - 1913

Kaiserin Augusta – Rathke & Sohn, (Praust) Germany; c 1881.

Reputedly obtained from a crossing of Viola semperflorens and Viola rossica.

Dark blue flowers in abundance from the end of summer until Autumn.

Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria – H. Wrede (Luneburg) Germany; c 1890s.

Dark, crimson flowers.

Kaiser Friedrich – See, ‘EKronprinzessin von Deutschland’.

Kerry Girl -  Kerry Carmen, Masterton, New Zealand.

Another of the quintet of violets introduced by Kerry Carmen from New Zealand, and like the other members of the collection, a tidy, medium sized plant with flowers not unlike those of V. rupestris. rosea  but noticeably darker.  The blooms are produced on stems about 6 inches long, and whilst unsuitable as a cut flower it makes a lovely border plant.

King Albert - See 'Kaiser Wilhelm II'.

King of the Belgians - See 'Kaiser Wilhelm II'.

King's Ermine – Origins unknown.

White flowers, no scent.

King of the Violets – Australia, date unknown.

No description available.

Knockmullen – Origins unknown.  1910.

Bluish-purple flowers supposedly an earlier and freer flowering form of 'Wellsiana'.

Kφnigin Charlotte – Wilhelm Gerst, (Bietigheim) Germany.  September 1899.

The mid-blue, up-ward looking flowers are held on long stems above the leaves, very free-flowering from August onwards and even more in spring, but not in winter.  It is often mentioned that 'Kφnigin Charlotte' is not suitable for forcing at Christmas time.  A real problem is the fact that early descriptions say that it is dark blue, but at least since WWII it is described as above.  'Kφnigin Charlotte' can be propagated by seed and comes quite true. This may be the reason for the variability.  It is advisable to inspect plants in autumn and discard plants which are not true to description.  I Germany, all the garden authorities have strongly recommended 'Kφnigin Charlotte'.  This has led to the depressing fact that all other blue varieties of scented violets have been excessively neglected. See also: 'Queen Charlotte'.

Kronprinzessin – See, ‘Victoria Regina’.

Kronprinzessin Viktoria – See, ‘Kronprinzessin von Deutschland’.

Kronprinzessin von Deutschland – Germany; c 1880s.

Very large early crimson-violet flowers, on long stalks.  Scented though not very hardy.

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