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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Single Flowered Cultivars and Hybrids of
Viola sororia

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Alice Witter - Willetta

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Alice Witter – Origins unknown.

A form of V. sororia  with large white flowers and a distinct red eye.

Dark Freckles – Origins unknown.

No description available.

Famecheck Apricot – Raised by a Miss Cook, and introduced by Thompson and Morgan, Seedsmen (UK) 2001.

Neat compact clumps of dark green foliage, smothered in masses of attractive soft apricot flowers.

Blooms in early spring over a long period; occasional second flush in the autumn.

Freckles – This is V. sororia thurstonii, which is a naturally occurring species.

Grape Slush – Introduced by Doug Lohman.

A selection from V. sororia thurstonii ( ‘Freckles’) with rich cream variegation to the leaves.

Ooh-La-La – Introduced by Terra Nova Nurseries, USA.

A cross between V. sororia ‘White Sails’ and V. hirtipes f. rhodovenia (‘Mars’)

Pure white foliage that fades to green over time.

Peppered Palms – Origins unknown.

A cross between V. sororia  Thurstonii (‘Freckles’) and V. palmata.

Red Giant – Origins unknown.

Another of the forms of V. sororia, with large deep red flowers carried on long strong stems, held well above the leathery foliage.  A unique colour in violets.

Snow Princess – Origins unknown.

Reputed to be a snow-white form of V. sororia ‘Alba’

Speckles – Bernwode Plants, (Buckinghamshire) UK.  1989.

A sport from ‘Freckles’ with sky blue flowers speckled dark blue.

White Sails – Introduced by Terra Nova Nurseries, U.S.A.

No description available.

Willetta – Discovered at the Hatcher Arboretum, by Thomas Winn.

A hybrid form of V. sororia with heavily variegated leaves that act as a foil to the rich purple flowers.

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