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Traditional Single Flowered Violets

Quaker Lady - Queen Charlotte

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Quaker Lady - Introduced by Edith Pawla, Capitola (California) U.S.A. Date unknown.

Small bluish-lilac flowers with a white centre, and a good scent.

Originally imported from England during the pioneer days into the Quaker towns around Pennsylvania, hence the name.

Quatre Saisons This violet would seem to be a selection from the wild violet of the hedgerows that had been in cultivation from about the mid 1700s, and grown for sale in the markets of Paris. Over the years, it was possible to obtain a fixed strain from the wild form which still exists today.

In 1835, M. Jean Chevillon of Fontenay-aux-Roses, near Paris, obtained a 'Quatre Saison' violet which was almost perfect. It has dull-violet coloured flowers and a good perfume, all the qualities of a good cut flower. An interesting note is that the name given to this particular variety, would seem to be somewhat erroneous, as the flowers do not appear for four seasons as the name suggests; it blooms in the Spring, and if you are lucky a few stray blooms still show in the Autumn.

Quatre Saisons Bleue - Origins unknown.

The blue form of the 'Quatre Saisons' Violet

Quatre Saisons Hative - Origins unknown.

The early flowering form of the 'Quatre Saisons' Violet.

Quatre Saisons Odorante - Origins unknown.

The more fragrant form of the 'Quatre Saisons' Violet.

Quatre Saisons Ordinaire - See 'Quatre Saisons'.

Quatre Saisons Semprez Semprez (Verrieres le Buisson) France. Date unknown.

A distinct improvement on the ordinary 'Quatre Saisons' violet, with more compact petals, and bigger, more erect flowers of a fine colour and good scent. Longer, stronger peduncles. This cultivar hardly ever sets seed, and is in flower from September through January.

Quatre Saisons Variegated - Origins unknown.

Variegated form of 'Quatre Saisons', with silver variegated foliage.

Queen Alexandra - Origins unknown.

Queen Charlotte - Introduced from Germany, c 1900.

Named after Charlotte Sophia, daughter of William Ferdinand, Duke of Mecklenburg-Strellitz, who married George III.

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