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The American Violet Society
Links To Other Interesting Sites

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FotoSearch.com Site

             Foto Search Stock Photography has an extensive photography and footage database offering millions of images in a variety of categories to best suit your needs. Currently our database includes over 80,000 images of violets for use as reference material, educational resources, or in web design. We bring together thousands of photographers, illustrators, and videographers to provide the World's Stock Photography at One Web Site. Images start at just $9.00.

(Link-button Contents, excerpted and modified from " FOTOSEARCH results returned for search for, "violet flower"").
(Description from site's link request.)

Visit The SweetViolet Site
Sweet Violets.com Site

             This site is devoted to the subject of Violets....and will contain information on all things to do with the Violet, including Wild Violets, Parma Violets, Devon Violets and of course Sweet Violets.

(Link-button Contents and portions of this description, excerpted and modified from "Sweet Violet Homepage". )

Flowering Calendar

             This site from France provides a scientific / statistical listing of the flowering times of various species, including violets. You can use Google Translate to change it into readable English, or whatever language you wish

            (Link Button Contents excerpted and modified from " Phenoflore Web Page".

Flowering Calendar

             Organic Gardening Shop offers a complete line of all-organic gardening products such as herbicides, fertilizers, insect and pest control, orange oil, and biostimulants. Their Solution Finder helps identify bugs and insects, weeds, diseases, and wildlife problems, with pictures descriptions and remedies.

            (Link Button Contents excerpted and modified from " Organic-Gardening-Shop.info".

Visit Rimrock Nursery
Rimrock Nursery Site

             If you are interested in Native Plants of the Inland Northwest for naturalized landscaping, to restore abused habitat, or are simply tired of high water bills and high maintenance landscaping, Rimrock Nursery can offer you some solutions.

            (Link Button Contents and Description excerpted and modified from " Rimrock Nursery Homepage ".

Visit Nathalie's Site
Nathalie Casbas' Les Violettes

             This beautiful (French) site is the work of our European Advisor Nathalie Casbas.  It includes content in the arts, cultivation, history, cooking (It is French after all!) and other interesting areas.  Visit our friend from France.  You will enjoy yourself even if you do not speak the language.

Visit Chamomile Times
The Chamomile Times

             The Chamomile Times & Herbal News is a free, weekly, electronic herbal newsletter about how to grow and use herbs, herbal crafts, herb lore, and much more.

Visit Igari's Violet Site
World of Masashi Igari / Plants & Photographs

             This (Japanese & English) site is the work of our Japanese Advisor Masashi Igari.  It includes numerous photos of various flowers, including violets.  There is a "Viola" section included, with a downloadable program for identifying the violets of Japan.  Though much of the site is in Japanese, much of it includes English descriptions as well.  Even if you can not read it, the beauty of written Japanese compliments Masashi's beautiful photographs.

Visit Susigarden

             This (Italian & English) site presents the efforts of Suzanne Lucas and her partner Mr. Geotti.  They specialize in hybridized and rare violet and viola varieties.  The site is presented both in Italian and English.  They have excellent photos of many of their offerings.

Visit The North American Rock Garden Society's Site
North American Rock Garden Society

             The North American Rock Garden Society is for gardening enthusiasts interested in alpine, saxatile, and low-growing perennials. It encourages the study and cultivation of wildflowers that grow well among rocks, whether such plants originate above treeline or at lower elevations. Through its publications, meetings, and garden visits, NARGS provides extensive opportunities for both beginners and experts to expand their knowledge of plant cultivation and propagation, and of construction, maintenance, and design of special interest gardens. Woodland gardens, bog gardens, raised beds, planted walls, container gardens, and alpine berms are all addressed..

(Link Button Contents and description excerpted and modified from " NARGS Homepage " on the North American Rock Garden Society Site.)

Visit Dunbar Creek
Gary W. Sherwin's Dunbar_Creek_Project

             This site presents a pictorial and text tour of a beautiful mountain valley in southwestern Pennsylvania, USA.  It includes information useful to both persons interested in hiking the Dunbar Valley and to those interested in Fly-fishing its sparkling waters.  There are also sections with detailed Instructions for tying artificial flies and a Poetry section, complete with recordings of the individual poems, read by the poet.  There is also a nice collection of Fly-Fishing related Links.  This site is presented by our webmaster Gary W. Sherwin

Visit The Garden Web Site

             GardenWeb is the most popular gardening content site on the Web, and few sites on any subject have won as many awards.  The site has been recognized by Woman's Day, The Harvard Business Review, Home, Internet World, Horticulture, The American Rose, Web Magazine, Consumers Digest, ComputerLife, NetGuide, and dozens of other magazines and newspapers around the world and on CNN, CNET TV and National Public Radio.

             While there are a number of gardening sites on the Web, GardenWeb stands apart by being the first to have established an actual community of users through various  forums. More than two thirds of all messages posted to garden-related forums and newsgroups on the Internet are posted at GardenWeb,

(Link Button Contents and this description excerpted and modified from "GardenWeb Media Kit", on the GardenWeb Site.)

Go To Gary W. Sherwin's Plant_and_Fungi Guide
Gary W. Sherwin's Plants_and_Fungi Guide

             This site is an adjunct to the Dunbar_Creek_Project, shown above.  This is a pictorial and textual guide to nearly 500 species of plants and fungi, found in the Dunbar Creek and Youghiogheny River Valleys of southwestern Pennsylvania, USA.  It is a work in progress,  which is constantly growing and improving.  When complete, the site will contain an extensive plant identification key, useful for identifying plants of northeastern United States.

(Warning, The main page on this site is quite large, [Over 450 KB].  But, once it loads, the other pages load quickly.)  This site is also presented by our webmaster.

Antique Seeds 
Select Seeds - Antique Flowers

             Select Seeds - Antique Flowers Brings The Flowers Our Grandmothers Loved Into Our Gardens Once More  Their catalog is for the gardener who enjoys antique, heirloom flowers, their fragrance, grace, vigor, history, and unending variety.

             They offer choice seed selections of rare, old-fashioned flower varieties and your favorite garden flowers, plus starter plants including scented geraniums, fragrant varieties, flowering vines, coleus, container plants, perennials, and so much more!

             What is an Antique Flower?  Antique Flowers are open-pollinated varieties that originated 50 or more years ago.  The seeds from open-pollinated flowers will reproduce true to type, that is, they will grow into new plants that look like the parent plant.  Many antique flowers are hard to find heirlooms, passed from one generation to another.

 (Link-button Contents and portions of this description excerpted and modified from "Select Seeds - Antique Flowers Homepage").

Visit the AHS
American Horticultural Society Site

             The American Horticultural Society (AHS), founded in 1922, is an educational, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that recognizes and promotes excellence in American horticulture. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious gardening organizations in the United States whose mission is to educate and inspire people of all ages to become successful and environmentally responsible gardeners by advancing the art and science of horticulture. AHS is known for its educational programs and the dissemination of horticultural information.

(Link-button Contents excerpted and modified from " American Horticultural Society Homepage " and " Volunteer Seminar ".  Description excerpted from " About The American Horticultural Society ".)

Visit Sunshine Gardens
Barry Glick's Sunshine Farm & Gardens

             This commercial site presents the products and services of Barry Glick and company.  They maintain one of the most extensive plant collections in North America, representing virtually every family and genera of plants from the temperate zone. Many of their 10,000 different plants are being propagated for sale at very reasonable prices.  They are primarily a wholesale nursery serving Garden Centers, Landscapers, Landscape Designers and Wholesale Re-growers.

(Link-button Contents and portions of this description excerpted and modified from "Sunshine Farm & Gardens Homepage".)

Visit The Groves' 
C.W. Groves & Son, Nurserymen

             C. W. Groves & Son is a family run (5th generation) Garden centre and Nursery.  Established in 1865, they are located in Bridgeport, Dorset, UK.  They specialize in mail-order violet plants.

(Link-button Contents and portions of this description excerpted and modified from "C.W. Groves & Son Nurserymen Homepage" and "Groves Dorset Violets".)

Link To Toadshade Wildflower Farm 
Toadshade Wildflower Farm

             Randi Eckle and company started Toadshade Wildflower Farm to make native wildflowers, particularly perennials, more easily available.  Their intention is to (1) provide native, perennial, propagated wildflower plants, (2) identify available plants clearly by both common and scientific name, and (3) clearly summarize the native range of the wildflowers for sale.

             Accordingly, all of the plants that they offer are native (not alien, introduced, or naturalized) as well as they can determine,  and they're propagated on Toadshade Farm.  For each plant species they try to list the most often used common names, the scientific names, the preferred growth habit, and the native range based on information from a number or sources.

             They currently offer 5 species of violets.

(Link-button Contents and portions of this description excerpted and modified from "Toadshade Wildflower Farm Homepage".)

Women In The Arts
The National Museum Of Women In The Arts

             The National Museum of Women in the Arts is the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of women artists. On this site you will discover a wealth of information about the museum, selected artists, our collection, and many services. You may choose to examine images of works from our permanent collection, or take a tour of the museum with Founder Wilhelmina Cole Holladay. Artist profiles feature the lives of selected women artists and corresponding bibliographies lead you to new sources of information.

In addition, the women's museum offers a wide range of services, which you will find described throughout the site. You are invited you to take advantage of the Library and Research Center, education programs, offerings for Girl Scouts and much more.

(Link-button Contents and portions of this description excerpted and modified from "The National Museum Of Women In The Arts Homepage".)

Visit Elk Mountain
Craig Mailloux's Elk Mountain Nursery

This commercial site presents the products and services of Craig Mailloux's Elk Mountain Nursery.  They specialize in plants native to the Eastern United States. In addition to a native collection, they also have a number of introduced species, many of which have naturalized in the East. This season they have also included a number of rare shrubs and trees from Asia and Europe. Many of these are hard to find and all are superb additions to the landscape.  Their site continues their tradition of a "minimalist" web site. There are no graphics or advanced HTML to slow downloads or confuse your computer. There are lots of plant photos but they are optional. Their catalog should work well with virtually any web browser or computer.

(Link-button excerpted from "Elk Mountain Nursery Homepage". Portions of this description excerpted and modified from "About Elk Mountain Nursery". )

Visit PlantCare.com

             PlantCare is a FREE database of over 2,000 House Plants which provides 16 categories of care, from watering to lighting.  Search a plant by either its Latin or common name.  If you don't know the name, Search by Plant Type, such as Shrub, Fern or Perennial.  For more info, click on About PlantCare.com.  (This description and Link Image excerpted  from the site's home page.)

Click here to visite the Hortico Website.
Hortico Nurseries Site

             Whether you are a professional landscaper, r-wholesaler, garden center, nursery, a rose enthusiast, or in search of unique plants (Including native violet varieties) for your home or yard, Hortico is your source for roses, perennials, and flowering shrubs.  Browse their searchable, photo-filled online catalogues to find that "Just Right" plant.  Then submit orders to them online.  Nothing could be simpler.

(Link-button Contents and  this description, excerpted and modified from "Hortico Nurseries Inc Homepage". )

Click here to visite the Perennial Gardens'  Website.
Perennial Gardens Site

             Perennial Gardens is a perennial mail order nursery offering over 1800 exciting varieties of perennials and botanical bulbs to intrigue all Canadian gardeners.  With three acres of display gardens, they grow what they sell.  Perennial Gardens import exciting new varieties from England, China and beyond.

(Link-button Contents and  this description, excerpted and modified from "Perennial Gardens Homepage". )

Click here to visit the Agriscape  Website.
Agriscape Site

             Agriscape is a worldwide directory on agriculture and its surrounding industry. Sites included in Their database are categorized according to their content. For each site there is a short description and also a listing of the country where the company or server is located. In case of companies, a short description presents the company's purpose and the ways they propose to achieve this purpose. Agriscape also often lists the major products offered by the company and possible links given in the website. They also lists research and academic sites as well as an extensive list of conferences on any topic related to agriculture.

             All the links found in Agriscape's various categories are carefully chosen before inclusion. Unlike other sites, they do not use robots to automatically insert sites in their database. This ensures that the sites included are of high quality, and the short descriptions for each site are written by the editors rather than having a computer program pick some keywords from the site's contents. The sites are either chosen by Agriscape's editorial team or submitted by site webmasters to the database.

(Link-button Contents excerpted from  "Agriscape Homepage".)
(Description, excerpted and modified from "About Agriscape Page". )

Click here to visit the Easyliving Wildflowers  Website.
Easyliving Wildflowers Site

              The proprietors of Easyliving are delighted to bring you native wildflowers seeds and information for planting and growing wildflowers around your home, in your field, or around your pond.  Their seeds are best suited if you live in the mid-western United States, zones 3 to 9.

              They also provide many wildflower gardening and landscaping ideas that can be utilized by you in your garden or meadow. You will enjoy the thoughts and practices discussed on this site that will enable you to begin transitioning your landscaping plans to include native wildflowers, which create habitat for diversity and are environmentally beneficial.

(Link-button Contents  and Description excerpted and modified from  "Easyliving Wildflowers Homepage".)

Click here to visit the Tom Silver's Site
Tom Silver's Site

              This site has a number of very nice photos and links to various flower families.  Tom is also a photo patron of The American Violet Society site.  You will find his photos on the Home Page and in the Dichotomous Key..

(Link-button Contents  excerpted and modified from  "Tom Silver's Site".)

Click here to visit the Country Rose Soap Company  Website.
Country Rose Soap Company Ltd. Site
             Located in beautiful Langley, British Columbia, Canada, Country Rose Soap Company Ltd. takes its name from their 150 shrub rose collection but most of the flowers and herbs grown organically in the gardens find their way into one of their soaps, bath or beauty preparations

             Their rich and diverse gardens boasts a large rose collection, lush perennial borders, numerous shade gardens, huge vegetable garden, fruit trees, berries, rows of annuals and herbs, 200 potted containers and hanging baskets, a water feature and a thriving collection of orchids, tropical plants and vines. This exuberant and fragrant collection comprises the raw materials for their diverse line of quality, handcrafted, natural herbal soaps, bath, and beauty products..

(Link-button Contents excerpted and modified from "Country Rose Soap Company Homepage". )
(Description, excerpted and modified from "Country Rose Soap Company 'About Us' Page".)

Click here to visit the Tripple Oaks' Site
Tripple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden Site

             Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden is a one stop solution for all things garden. Their inventory is full of interesting & unusual plant material, including the hottest new trees & shrubs, perennials, herbs, ornamental grasses and tropical plants. They also carry a complete line of gardening tools, books, pots, soil, mulch and organic gardening supplies. They currently offer three species of violets.

(Link-button Contents  and Description excerpted and modified from "Triple Oaks Nursery & Herb Garden Homepage". )

Click here to visit the Paradise Gardens  Website.
Paradise Gardens Rare Plant Nusery Site

             Scented flowers & foliage, night-blooming iris, a vase of Gentians for the October window sill; Paradise offers all these plants & more, with a special yen for the unusual, the far-flung and the hard-to-find. Plus, of course, anything blue.

(Link-button Contents  and Description excerpted and modified from "Paradise Gardens Rare Plant Nursery Homepage". )

Click here to visit the Violet Valley Site (In Japanese)
Violet Valley Site (Japanese)

             This Japanese language only site has many beautiful photos of Japanese Violets.  It is worth a visit, just to see the extensive photo collection.

             You can get a crude machine translation of this Japanese language site using AltaVista's Babelfish translation service at:                       http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr

Just entet a http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~popstar/ URL into the translation engine.  It has a lot of gibberish, but you can make sense of some of the site,

(Link-button Contents  excerpted and modified from "Violet Valley" Homepage. )

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